Updates to Quadmester 3 Calendar for Secondary Students

From the leadership of the CDSBEO:  "Based on the postponement of the 2021 spring break, CDSBEO secondary quadmester dates have been revised. Students will still end each quadmester course with culminating activities which will allow students from grade 9-12, in both distance learning and in-person formats, to demonstrate their knowledge of course material. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school administration"
  • New Culminating Task dates for Quad 3: April 8 and 9 (Note:  April 9 is the end of Quad 3)
  • April Break: April 12 to 16 to replace March Break
  • April 19 and 20: Assessment and Evaluation Days (Secondary students do not attend class on these dates but Intermediate students have regular school days)
  • April 21: Quadmester 4 starts