Virtual Graduation Ceremony: Sunday, June 27 at 1pm

Greetings Parents of the Graduating Class of 2021,


This weekend marks a very important milestone in the lives of our students, your children.  We are pleased to be offering our students a “Virtual Graduation” on Sunday, June 27, beginning at 1:00 pm. It will not be available before that time.


You can use this link to view the graduation: 


If you are unavailable to view the video at 1pm, it will remain posted online.  You can view it whenever you like.


Technical note:  If you have technical problems getting the video to play, please wait until at least 1:15pm to send a message by e-mail or through social media. 


Awards revealed during the graduation ceremony will be mailed out in the next two weeks. 


Please note: Many of you were able to attend an in-person graduation experience this past week, where you were able to take graduation photos on stage and as a family.  Mr. Finner is putting together a bonus highlight package of some of your favourite moments from that on-stage experience to be added to the graduation ceremony video at a later date.  If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to send a few of your favourite Graduation Experience photos or videos to Mr. Finner at

We wish we were all together to celebrate these amazing accomplishments with you, however, please understand that we are so very proud of our graduates and commend you on your efforts and resilience.





The Staff of St. Michael CHS