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Summer School 2021

Summer School Registration for 2021:

Any students who wish to repeat a failed course or earn an extra credit over the summer school are now invited to register through the guidance department.  These courses are only available to current high school students.  (A small selection of reach-ahead courses is also available to students currently completing their Grade 8 year.)  Please see the links below for the selection of courses and course descriptions.  All students who register for a summer course will also be given the opportunity to earn a certificate in Mastering Mental Health and Stress Management for free from Unearth Education.  More information on this opportunity will be provided closer to the course start date.

Please note:

  • Courses with an “F” as the last character are French Immersion courses, available only to students enrolled in the French Immersion program at St. Michael. Civics and Careers is listed as one course option (two half credits adding up to one full credit.)  Students will automatically be registered for both of these courses unless they inform the guidance department that they only need to recover one of these courses.
  • Regular, non-cooperative education courses will run from June 30th to July 27th.
  • Cooperative education courses will run from June 29th and go until August 6th. This will provide enough time for students to earn two full co-op credits.  Students must be able to work 40 hours per week to earn two co-op credits.  Furthermore, co-op is contingent on the stay-at-home order being lifted.
  • Registration will close on June 18th. No further registrations will be taken after this date.  This includes registrations for students who may not have successfully earned a compulsory credit during Quadmester 4.  Therefore, to be safe, it is imperative that students at risk of not earning a Quadmester 4 credit register before June 18th to make up this credit.  If they end up passing their course, they can withdraw from the summer school course.